Cultural safety

The joint Councils and HPCA Aboriginal Cultural Safety Strategy 2023 - 2024 aims to strengthen cultural safety within the NSW regulatory system through increased participation of Aboriginal people and collaboration with stakeholders.

Council Annual Reports 2020/21

For the 2020/21 reporting period, the joint annual report of the 15 NSW Health Professional Councils (Councils) is now available. The 2020/21 joint annual report is structured in two parts: Part 1 Information about all Councils, including their strategic directions,...

Council Annual Reports 2018/19

The 2018/19 annual reports are now available. For the 2018/19 reporting period, the annual reports of the 15 NSW Health Professional Councils (Councils) are available as a combined report. The 2018/19 annual report is structured in three parts: Part 1 Information that...

I have to attend drug or alcohol screening

Some practitioners need to attend screening for drug and/or alcohol use. This page explains the process and provides the policies, procedures and practical information these practitioners will need.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and Dental Council of NSW advising Cronulla Dental Surgery patients

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) is contacting patients who have undergone invasive dental procedures at a Cronulla dental practice. The Dental Council of NSW and NSW Health conducted an investigation and found evidence of poor cleaning and...

Exemption from storage requirements for goods requiring refrigeration

A new exemption is now in force exempting the pharmacist in charge of a pharmacy from the storage requirements of clause 73(1) and clause 76 of the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008, where the pharmacy is a hospital pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. This...

Good practice to prescribing and dispensing compounded medicines

The Pharmacy Board of Australia and Medical Board of Australia have released a joint statement to remind pharmacists and medical practitioners of their respective responsibilities relating to compounded medicines which in turn will protect patients. A compounded...
What you can complain about
You can make complaints to us about the professional performance, professional behaviour, or health of a registered health practitioner.
About Us
Health professional councils work to protect the health and safety of the public in New South Wales by managing complaints about practitioners and students. Councils work with the Health Care Complaints Commission to decide the best way a complaint should be managed...

Conduct pathway

Conduct issues generally relate to behavioural acts or omissions and often go to the question of character. The conduct pathway allows the Council to manage complaints that may constitute unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct.