HPCA policy documents are provided here, as they are issued. Policies of the health professional Councils are available on the individual Council websites.


The purpose of this NSW Ministry of Health Policy is to prevent and combat workplace bullying in all NSW health workplaces.
It outlines the obligations of managers and staff with regard to workplace bullying, steps to minimise the risk of bullying and the rights of staff when making a complaint.

Code of Conduct 
The Code of Conduct sets standards of ethical and professional conduct in NSW Health. The Code applies to all HPCA staff, including temporary staff and contractors.

The purpose of this NSW Health Policy is to provide guidance and direction about the mechanisms required to minimise inappropriate use and the controls required to monitor the use of NSW Health communications systems and devices.

Complaint Handling Policy 
This policy establishes procedures for responding to complaints concerning the Council’s operations; policies; procedures; member conduct; communication; access to information or quality of service.

Conflict of Interest 
This Policy provides guidance for staff on conflicts of interest and how to manage them. 

Dealing with complaints - A guide for health service providers  
This publication explains how the New South Wales (NSW) regulatory authorities deal with complaints about health service providers in NSW. It provides an overview of the processes and powers of the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) and the health professional Councils when handling complaints. Current version July 2014.

Gifts and Benefits Policy
This Policy provides guidance for staff on how to manage the offer of gifts, benefits and bribes.

Goods and Services Procurement Policy
The purpose of this NSW Health Policy is to provide guidance on the procedures to be used in the procurement and disposal of goods and services.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that all of NSW Health has in place workplace grievance management systems that facilitate prompt, fair, confidential and flexible management of all workplace grievances.

HPCA Policy Management Framework
This Policy provides guidance on developing and managing policy documents. It promotes good practice in the preparation, implementation, communication and monitoring of policy by the HPCA and Councils.

Information Security
This NSW Health Policy outlines the appropriate levels of security across all the electronic information systems it is responsible for.

Learning and Development Procedures 
This Procedures document outlines the processes that support learning and development for all Health Professional Councils Authority staff. The attachment identifies a number of recommended programs and activities that are available to staff, to support them in performing their roles.

Managing Email Access
This policy provides guidance for HPCA staff on managing and using email. Procedures for managing emails are to be developed.

Managing for Performance 
This NSW Health Policy directive identifies the key features to be reflected in all NSW Health agency policies on performance management, and build on the essential elements outlined in the NSW Public Sector Performance Development Framework.

Media and Communication Policy and Procedures
This Policy is regarding public comment and procedures for responding to media enquiries, issuing media releases and other forms of communication.

Member Remuneration and Payment Policy
This Policy and procedures describe members' entitlements and the payment of fees and expenses in accordance with the requirements of legislation and NSW Government policies, circulars and guidelines. It applies to members of all Councils, Tribunals, Committees and Panels, and other participants in health practitioner regulatory activities.

Official Travel Policy 
This Policy describes the requirements and entitlements of members of all Councils, Tribunals, Committees and Panels and HPCA staff who undertake any form of travel on official business. It complies with NSW Government policy and remuneration rates. The Policy is currently being reviewed and once completed will appear here. 

The Policy has two attachments and there are two versions of each - a printable version to be filled in by hand and an online auto-fill version. Both versions of the form will need to be printed out for approval and processing.

Domestic Travel Application Form - online auto-fill version

Privacy Management
The purpose of this NSW Health Policy is to provide operational guidance for health service staff to the legislative obligations imposed by the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. It outlines procedures to support compliance with the Act in any activity that involves personal health information.

Public Interest Disclosures Policy 
This Policy provides guidance for staff and members on public interest disclosures (formerly known as protected disclosure or whistle blowing).

Records Management Policy 
This Policy comprises a Policy Statement and Guideline. It sets out the requirements, roles and responsibilities for ensuring the HPCA complies with legislation and realises the benefits of good record keeping practices. Compliance enables the HPCA to meet its business needs, accountability and governance requirements and protects the interests of the HPCA and Government and the rights of employees and the community.

Reporting Corrupt Conduct
Procedures to assist Principal Officers and others to understand their obligations under the ICAC Act to report suspected corrupt conduct and how to make reports

Restructuring Policy and Procedures 
This NSW Health Policy and Procedures set out the mandatory steps that apply when implementing a restructure in the NSW Ministry of Health.

Risk Management 
NSW Treasury has granted the Councils an exemption from the requirement to attest to the governance arrangements prescribed in the Treasury Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy for the NSW Public Sector (TPP09-05) on the grounds of the administrative burden and cost of compliance. However the Council has determined to implement many of the requirements, including establishing an Audit and Risk Committee. 

The Audit and Risk Committee provides independent assistance to the HPCA and the health professional Councils in relation to their governance, risk and control frameworks, and their external accountability requirements. The Charter sets out the Committee's objectives, authority, composition and tenure, roles and responsibilities, reporting and administrative arrangements.

Work Health and Safety 
The purpose of these NSW Ministry of Health Policies and Guidelines is to ensure that public health organisations have a work health and safety policy and comprehensive management system, consistent with work health and safety (WHS) legislation, which identifies, assesses, eliminates or controls workplace risks to health and safety.


Serving Subpoenas and Like Documents

Information for parties seeking to serve a subpoena, summons, notice to produce or like documents on a NSW health professional Council

Serving subpoenas and like documents (DOCX 52.9KB)