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Role of the Council

The role of the Council is to:
  1. Manage complaints or notifications made about nurses and/or midwives, or students by:
  • dealing expeditiously with notifications (complaints) made against individual registered nurses or midwives, or student nurses or midwives;
  • deciding the course of action for managing a notification (complaint), in consultation with the Health Care Complaints Commission, including referring matters to the Commission for investigation or for conciliation and complaint resolution;
  • managing notifications (complaints) which, following consultation with the Commission, have been referred to the Council for management in the performance pathway;
  • managing health notifications referred for management in the health pathway;
  • suspending the registration of a nurse or midwife or impose conditions on the registration of a nurse or midwife to protect the health and safety of members of the public or otherwise in the public interest;
  • ensuring that AHPRA and the National Board are notified of any conditions, suspensions and cancellations which result from complaints so that these are placed on the national register for nurses or midwives;
  • monitoring the compliance by nurses and midwives with conditions imposed upon their registration;
  • dealing with nurses and midwives who have not complied with conditions imposed on their registration, and where appropriate, refer instances of non-compliance to the Tribunal;
  • reviewing conditions when it has been identified that the Council is the appropriate review body;
  • cautioning, or counselling health practitioners about professional standards.
  1. Related duties include:
  • selecting professional and lay members to the Tribunal;
  • appointing members to Professional Standards Committees, Impaired Registrants Panels and Performance Review Panels;
  • establishing committees to assist in the exercise of its functions;
  • referring matters to other organisations for management if appropriate;
  • facilitating nursing and midwifery education and research related to conduct, health and performance matters.