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Health Review Committee

The Health Review Committee consists of two registered nurses with experience in mental health and drug and alcohol issues from the approved list of members for tribunals, panels and committees. The Health Review Committee assists the Council by monitoring nurses, midwives or students in the health program and other nurses and midwifes who have an identified impairment and have conditions imposed on their registration.

The Committee conducts a review based on the documents available, medical reports, evidence of compliance with conditions and any submission the health practitioner wishes to make. The nurse, midwife or student does not attend, but the committee may if necessary contact the nurse, midwife or student by phone to clarify information.

The Committee may make recommendations to the Council including, for example: the conditions be made less restrictive or remain the same; or that an Impaired Registrants Panel hearing be held. On occasions the Committee may recommend to the Council that a complaint of non-compliance with conditions be made.