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About Us

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of New South Wales is one of fourteen statutory health professional councils. It was established on 1 July 2010 on the commencement of the national registration and accreditation scheme for health professionals. The Council functions in accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) and the Health Practitioner Regulation (New South Wales) Regulation 2016.

The Council is responsible for managing notifications (complaints) about the conduct, professional performance and health of any nurse or midwife and any nursing and midwifery student where the notified behaviour has occurred in New South Wales or where the nurse, midwife or student has a principal place of practise or a residential address in New South Wales.

Role of the Council

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The purpose of the Council is to protect the public by ensuring that registered nurses and midwives are fit to practise and nursing and midwifery students are fit to have contact with members of the public whilst they undertake approved programs of study. The Council manages a range of programs, services and procedures to achieve this purpose. As a result, members of the public can be reassured that registered nurses and midwives are required to maintain standards of conduct and professional performance.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council is a statutory body which works for public protection and safety in a reliable, fair, ethical and just manner to provide confidence in the performance and conduct of nurses and midwives in New South Wales.


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The Council has a Code of Conduct for all members of the Council and its committees.

Regulation in New South Wales

The Council works in cooperation with a range of other bodies to undertake its role. To learn more about the regulatory system in New South Wales and the organisations that the Council works with, please select the highlighted links.