Case Notes

The HPCA is publishing a range of Case Notes to provide the Councils and other persons with information and significant implications it may find useful. Case Notes are not intended to replace legal advice, which should be sought as appropriate.

While the Case Notes are principally intended for internal use, the HPCA is publishing them in the interests of transparency and accountability.

Knowles v Pharmacy Council of New South Wales (PDF 55.2KB)

HCCC v Jangodaz [2016] NSWCATOD 71 (DOCX 647.3KB)

Burton v Osteopathy Council of New South Wales (PDF 69.8KB) 

HCCC v Orr [2015] NSWCATOD 124

Solomon V Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the Psychology Board of Australia [2015] WASC 203

Bova v Pharmacy Council of New South Wales [2014] NSWCATOD 40

HCCC v Perceval [2014] NSWCATOD 38

HCCC v Khan [2014] NSWCATOD 83