Recent Publications

Current publications for the Chiropractic Council of New South Wales can be viewed here, as they are issued. 

Delegations Manual

The Chiropractic Council of New South Wales' Delegations Manual clearly sets out the delegation of functions and powers by the Council and its Executive Officer.

Chiropractic Council of New South Wales Delegations Manual (PDF 1.1MB) February 2016


Conditions Handbook 

The Conditions Handbook  is a resource to assist Council, Panel, Committee and Tribunal members in the drafting of conditions (and orders) that achieve the aim of protecting the health and safety of the public, whilst also allowing health professionals to practise their profession where possible. The Handbook is a work in progress, with an Explanatory Paper and nine of ten of the planned sections currently available. 

Conditions Handbook (DOC 799.5KB)

Related documents:

Supervision - Position Statement   (DOC 350KB) 

Supervision - Information for decision makers (DOCX 29.9KB)

Supervision Compliance Policy  (DOCX 300.7KB)

​Compliance Policy – Mentor (DOC 69KB) This policy sets out the requirements of a practitioner subject to mentor conditions.

Position Statement - Mentor Approval (DOC 312.5KB) This position statement sets out the criteria the Chiropractic Council of NSW applies when considering approval of a mentor and the Council’s expectations of an approved mentor.


Dealing with complaints - A guide for health service providers

This publication explains how the New South Wales (NSW) regulatory authorities deal with notifications (complaints) about health service providers in NSW. It is designed to provide an overview of the processes and powers of the Health Care Complaints Commission and the health professional Councils when handling notifications (complaints). Reviewed July 2014.